Savage Claws

The New York PPD contains dirty jokes and adult language.

Getting claws raked across your face isn’t all that fun…

The New York Paranormal Police Department is still reeling from the beating they took while saving Mike, the weretiger. Bethany Black is resilient, though, even if she does have to deal with the constant criticisms of her pixie partner.

When wizards start turning up dead, Bethany and her crew have to figure out who’s behind it. Turns out, this isn’t such a mystery, seeing as the assassin left a knife at the scene and it had a big “H” on the handle. Plus, Bethany caught sight of the guy since he was the one who threw that knife into her leg.

The new villain, known as The Hunter, is making things more interesting by the minute.

He keeps assassinating the wizards the PPD needs to question.

As Bethany continues to build her chops as a supernatural cop, she’ll have to learn to stand on her own…after she heals from that knife wound, of course. But the city has a way of breaking you down, if you’re not careful.

Bethany Black is not known for being careful…

New York Paranormal Police Department

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