New York PPD Box Set

The New York PPD contains dirty jokes and adult language.

Deadly, savage, fuzzy, and bloody as hell.

Bethany Black is a rare breed…half-human, half-cat, and 100% pampered. She’s one of the last two weretigers on the planet, making her more of a treasure than a person to the Netherworld authorities. So when she manages to get recruited into the New York Paranormal Police Department, she’s got a lot of proving to do.

Book 1: Blood Claws
Bethany is a rookie cop in the New York Paranormal Police Department (PPD). She’s fast as hell, tougher than nails, and she’s got no problem with blowing up stuff.

She also turns into a ferocious tiger when she gets sufficiently pissed off.

New York city is on the brink of falling apart. The PPD lost half its uniformed cops during an all-out war with a nasty mage, and the latest mob boss is looking to capitalize.

Too bad the mafia decided to kidnap Bethany’s best friend. He’s only one of two remaining weretigers in existence. She’s the other.

Remember what happens when Bethany gets pissed off?

Yeah, well, she’s seriously pissed off…

Book 2: Savage Claws
There’s a new villain on the scene. He’s known as The Hunter, and he’s making things more interesting by the minute.

Bethany is going to have to be careful if she wants to survive.

Too bad she’s not known for being careful…

Book 3: Deadly Claws
With the Blood Claw spell nearing perfection, the amalgamation of goblin and weretiger has gone rampant. That means the citizens of New York may soon be taking their final breaths.

Death is coming, and her name is Bethany Black…

Book 4: Furious Claws
As a weretiger, Bethany’s hunger for revenge sets her off on a dangerous quest to stick the mastermind’s heart on a platter.

She can’t help but think the war has just gotten a bit too personal.

Then again, maybe it’s been personal all along…

Book 5: Wild Claws
Bethany has finally grown into the cop that Max Shakespeare has been mentoring her to be. She understands what’s on the line. She knows what she needs to do to get the job done.

She needs to fully unleash her claws and drag out the full tiger power that lives deep inside.

Oh, and stay alive. That would be good, too…


New York Paranormal Police Department

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