About the Paranormal Police Department Series

The Paranormal Police Department (PPD) is an Urban Fantasy series that is fast-paced, filled with snark, loaded with innuendo, and packed with action.

There are a total of 8 precincts (to-date), each with their own cast of characters. While there is the occasional visit from a character from another precinct, most of the precincts are kept completely separated from the others.

The one time that’s totally NOT true happens in the second Vegas PPD (Ian Dex) series. That series combines the characters from a few of the other series. In other words, you may want to read that one last in order to avoid any spoilers.

While all the series are indeed different, they’re all following the same rules of the PPD universe. Those rules are pretty straightfoward, and were a 100% requirement on my part when working with the various authors who wrote with me.

  • Characters-first mentality. We want to make sure our characters aren’t two-dimensional, even if they’re often fantastical.
  • Awesome plots. The stories need to be fully developed, have interesting twists and turns, and be a blast to read.
  • Comedy is key. The PPD stories are hilarious, and that’s on purpose. Each and every author I worked with brought their own style of humor to the stories with the goal being to help our readers escape reality while laughing their asses off.
  • Adult situations are embraced. While these books are absolutely not erotica (sorry), there are scenes where you’ll be incapable of avoiding filling in the holes (that’s what she said) with your own imagination.
  • Romance? Well, it’s not a paranormal romance (PNR) type series, but there are definitely romantic situations throughout. That’s not the point of the stories, though, which is often the case with books falling under the PNR classification.
  • Adult language? Shit yeah. 😉 Pixies are some foul-mouthed little fuckers in these books, let me tell ya.
  • Dirty jokes? OMG, yes. There are loads of them, especially during the Pixie Joke-Off challenges.

The bottom line is this: If you’re one of those people who laughs at inappropriate jokes, loves dark humor, and is way into snark and action–with a side of paranormal monsters who are in desperate need of being killed…you should absolutely consider checking out the Paranormal Police Department.

There are a ton of books in here that will keep you laughing well into the night!

Where to Start?

Since there are a lot of books in the Paranormal Police Department, I’ve created a page that contains all of them. It also puts them in the recommended reading order.

If you’d rather take a quick looksee at each of the precincts on their own, here is a list of links for you:

The History of the Paranormal Police Department Series

I’ve always written comedy, but I’d not dropped into the Urban Fantasy genre just yet. Talking with a few author pals (Orlando Sanchez, Ben Zackheim, Shayne Silvers, and Eric Quinn Knowles), they convinced me to give it a shot.

Next thing you know I had this character by the name of Ian Dex. He was based in Las Vegas, had loads of cash, and he was an amalgamite. In other words, he wasn’t a werewolf or a vampire or a fae or a pixie…he was all of them wrapped up in one tidy package.

Well, I tried to write this as a serious series, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m a comedy writer through and through. Just can’t help it.

Seventeen grueling iterations later, I told the guys writing this stuff just wasn’t for me. I said that if I could write it more like I write my Platoon F and Arthur’s Dysfunctional Knights stuff, that’d be more my speed. They convinced me to do that.

My worry was there’d be no market for an over-the-top, pervy (not erotica, sorry), balls-to-the-wall set of stories that are chock full of dick jokes in the UF genre.

Boy was I wrong.

The first book in the PPD took off like wildfire. It was way beyond anything I could’ve imagined. The best part was that people were begging for more, and I was beyond happy to oblige. This was FUN to write!

In fact, the demand was so great, I couldn’t keep up. I solicited the aid of my long-time co-author Christopher P. Young for help. I also spoke with a couple of those authors (Eric Quinn Knowles & Orlando Sanchez) who’d convinced me to write UF in the first place, and got them to do a precinct of their own. On top of that, I worked with a new author (Noah K. Sturdevant) who was just getting started, but turned out to be an amazing storyteller, co-writing one of the most popular precincts in the bunch.

So, if you like your Urban Fantasy smacking you in the face, keeping you flipping pages late into the night, and laughing at the most inappropriate shit at the most inappropriate times, I invite you to join the insanity because you’re clearly PPD material. 😉

-John P. Logsdon

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