Paranormal Police Department

The Paranormal Police Department Precincts

Suggested Reading Order

Technically, you can start with any precinct in the Paranormal Police Department. There are a couple of minor spots where characters from different precincts may run into each other, but it's nothing major.

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Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department: Ian Dex Unleashed

Ian Dex is a genetically-engineered cocktail of man, beast, and magic. His heightened senses propelled him to chief of paranormal police in Las Vegas… and gave him a ravenous sexual appetite.

Ian Dex Unleashed - The original 7 books in the series that kicked off the Paranormal Police Department

The Merging
Grave Creatures
Blood Bane Tower
London Growl
Swarm of Fire
Curse of Fangs
Clash of Flames
Ian Dex Big Box Set

Ian Dex Rivalry - When Ian faces rivarly with his sister, Vegas may just implode.

NOTE: The following three books have spoilers from Netherworld PPD, Badlands PPD, and Black Ops PPD (Sinister) you may want to read those series first, if you're planning to!

Searing Instinct
Searing Visions
Searing Destiny

Netherworld Paranormal Police Department

Piper Shaw & Reaper Payne are Retrievers, meaning they have the job of going topside to bring back any super who has overstayed their welcome. Piper is an immortal bad ass. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. Reaper is a…well, reaper. He’s still learning the ropes, but with Piper as his partner, he’s on a crash course.

Blood Crossed
Bane's Edge
Deathly Temperance
Major Feeding
Netherworld Rift
Netherworld Box Set

Southeast Asia Paranormal Police Department

Mark Vedis is an average cop. Average for a mage in the Paranormal Police Department, anyway. After years of doing the jobs nobody else wanted, his career, and life, seemed to be on hold. Then he met a foul-mouthed demon who filled him with power, turned him into a warlock, and dumped him into a world of wealth and debauchery that was disturbing at best. 

Bangkok Warlock
Seoul Demon
Penang Pixie
Hell of a Party
Singapore Spirits
A Damned Shame
Tokyo Kaiju

Seattle Paranormal Police Department

Savanna Sage is a cop who has plans to rise to the top. Too bad the cards are stacked against in from the start. She’s thrown in with a team of misfits, her boss is an ass, and she has to constantly strive to overcome an inferiority complex based on the fact that she’s half fae, half mage. 

Fae of Fortune
Rivalry of Runes
Blood of Bones

Shadow Paranormal Police Department

Wren is a witch who is also a thief. Unfortunately, she got caught during a sting operation by a PPD chief who had been tracking her for years. Instead of throwing her in jail, though, he offers her the option of becoming a living search warrant. 

Venom Scourge
Rabid Curse
Corrupted Coven

New York Paranormal Police Department

Bethany is one of only two remaining weretigers. Sheltered all her life, she finally gets the chance to break out and flex her claws. She becomes a cop in the New York Paranormal Police Department, where it’s fast and crazy. The problem is, she’s required to have body guards since she’s on the extinction list.

Blood Claws
Savage Claws
Deadly Claws
Furious Claws
Wild Claws

Badlands Paranormal Police Department

Welcome to the Badlands PPD where Chief Ezekias ‘Zeke’ Phoenix, a dragon who believes rules are meant to be followed, has accepted his new post. His job is simple, keep the fragile peace between dragons, hellions, and the denizens of hell intact. The rules are straightforward in Infernal City: mind your business, watch your back, shoot first, and don’t bother asking questions.

Dragon's Torment
Dragon's Plight
Dragon's Impasse
Dragon's Mire
Dragon's Scrape

Black Ops Paranormal Police Department: Sinister Vengeance

The Black Ops Paranormal Police Department is a hidden organization that spends the majority of its time with information-gathering and assassinations. Evangeline of House Sinister, has been forced to work for the Black Ops PPD as she fights to survive one see, she's got assassins on her ass, too.

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