Blood Claws

The New York PPD contains dirty jokes and adult language.

Don’t kidnap a weretiger unless you’re ready to have your ass kicked…

Bethany Black is a rookie cop in the New York Paranormal Police Department (PPD). She’s fast as hell, tougher than nails, and she’s got no problem with blowing up stuff.

She also turns into a ferocious tiger when she gets sufficiently pissed off.

New York City is where the supernatural mob snagged its foothold back in the day. Goblins had poured in from the Netherworld and taught locals how to properly manage the criminal climate. They sold protection, rattled cages, and raked their fingers across the back of honest society.

It took years and tons of Paranormal Police Department officers to gain back control.

But now the city is on the brink of falling apart.

The PPD lost half its uniformed cops during an all-out war with a nasty mage, and the latest mob boss is looking to capitalize.

Translation: Blood, blood, and a bit more blood.

Too bad the mafia decided to kidnap Bethany’s best friend. He’s only one of two remaining weretigers in existence. She’s the other.

Remember what happens when Bethany gets pissed off?

Yeah, well, she’s seriously pissed off…

New York Paranormal Police Department

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