The Kidnapped Prince

Please note this series is not intended for children. It contains adult themes, adult humor, and mild adult language.

The Kidnapped PrinceA missing prince who’s a hemp farmer.
An orc full of cliches.
A wizard apprentice starting his first Fate Quest.

Gungren is tired of waiting to become a full-fledged wizard. Unfortunately for Gungren, Whizzfiddle isn’t one who takes well to pushy apprentices.

But when the Fates decide to give one of their infamous quests to Gungren, it leaves Whizzfiddle with little choice but to lend his support.

Unbeknownst to Whizzfiddle, though, the quest is only part one of three.

They must travel to the Underworld in order to find and save the prince.

Getting there isn’t easy, though, especially since they have to bring along Princess Jill Henroot, who is the fiancée of the missing prince, and who happens to be quite a pain in the rump. Worse, the Fates have decided to film the entire adventure, making for one problem after another.

It also seems there was something more to the original spell that had transformed Gungren from a dumb giant into a smart, squat, wizard wanna-be, and this set of quests may be the only thing to save him from reverting to what he once was…


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Performed by Jus Sargeant
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The Whizzfiddle & Gungren Adventures

A Quest of Undoing
The Kidnapped Prince
Saving Major Wiggles

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