Star Dwarves

Please note this series is not intended for children. It contains adult themes, adult humor, and mild adult language.

Star DwarvesDwarves in Space!

The Underworld has always been the hub of technology in Ononokin, but up until now they could only dream of leaving the atmosphere.

When the gnome known as Buzzrigger Tinkerpop connects with an enterprising dwarf by the name of Kusdrin Chainhelm, the Dwarf Aeronautic Space Administration (DASA) is born. Their first rocket is called The Pointy Anvil and it’s only a couple months away from liftoff. The crew has been selected, training is underway, and they’re in the final phase of fit and finish!

Too bad there are often events that cause things to go awry, especially on Ononokin.

But when things get really out of hand, the crew of The Pointy Anvil might just find themselves entering an entirely new reality that is no longer part of Ononokin at all!


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Performed by Jus Sargeant
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The Whizzfiddle & Gungren Adventures

A Quest of Undoing
The Kidnapped Prince
Saving Major Wiggles

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Star Dwarves

Ononokin Big Comedic Fantasy Box Set

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