The Sinister: Black Ops PPD series contains dirty jokes and adult language.

Is it really good to be queen?

The war is on, and Evangeline is standing right on the front lines.

The Black Ops Paranormal Police Department has been dissolved, leaving on a handful of members who are now being hunted. Their best bet is to just go underground and wait things out, allowing Eve to hit the one-year mark of survival so that she can return to the Badlands and reclaim the House of Sinister.

Eve has never been one who liked playing it safe.

Andras has a new set of allies, and they’re all bent on the destruction of all past Black Ops PPD members. Worse, with the heat on him from the Houses of Varaz, Tross, and Mathen, he’s becoming desperate. He’ll do anything to destroy Eve and wipe out the remaining Black Ops PPD members, even if it means destroying the entirety of Los Angeles in the process.

Digging deep, Eve pulls on all the knowledge given to her by Garrick.

If she succeeds, she will take back House Sinister and have Andras and the other leaders from her rival Houses executed, and she will also claim the throne as the queen of the hellions; if she fails, not only will Los Angeles fall into a level of darkness they’ve never known, the Badlands will be subjected to a crippling level of organized crime.

It’s time for Eve to become queen…

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