Sinister: Black Ops PPD Box Set

The Sinister: Black Ops PPD series contains dirty jokes and adult language.

They thought they could destroy House Sinister for good, but they weren’t expecting Evangeline…

Evangeline was living a great life in the Badlands as a Guard at House Sinister, but her world is shattered when three rival Houses attack. She’s forced to watch as her mentor and father figure is slaughtered.

His dying command: The House must survive at all costs.

Translation: Evangeline must leave everything behind, run from assassins, and join up with the Black Ops Paranormal Police Department until she can return home and exact her vengeance.

Book 1: Unhallowed
There are killers hunting for Evangeline, and the PPD is putting her life on the line daily, but rage is on her side. All she has to do is survive one year and then she can bring honor back to House Sinister.

Book 2: Unsanctified
The Black Ops Paranormal Police Department has learned that Salem is in charge of the local mob, and they’ve been tasked with assassinating him.

Book 3: Unsacred
It was bad enough for Evangeline to spend a year running for her life. Now, she was stuck between the Houses who were hunting for her, the hellion-run mob, and an army of normals who are on a power-drug.

Book 4: Uncherished
The tables are turned when Evangeline and her crew find out that the super drug being used to turn normals into crazed killers is back on the market, and it’s being supported by the Los Angeles Paranormal Police Department.

Book 5: Unrighteous
The war is on, and Evangeline is standing right on the front lines. She’s never been one who liked playing it safe.

Book 6: Undivine – A Flashback Novel
Eve is assigned an espionage mission that will push her to the limit, forcing her to channel distasteful things she’d learned in her youth. In order to succeed, she’ll have to face horrors she’s never even imagined.


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