Curse of Fangs

The Vegas PPD is loaded with dirty jokes, adult language, and pervy situations. No, it’s NOT erotica (sorry). 😉

Curse of FangsA vampire’s bite sucks, but it’s also quite powerful…

When Las Vegas Paranormal Police Chief Ian Dex is injected with a healthy dose of vampire venom, he gains access to power like he’s never known. He’s faster, stronger, and his ability to do magic is on the rise, too.

The problem is that he’s becoming too powerful. That makes him a target, and there is no shortage of people who’d love to see the Vegas police chief pushing up daisies.

But it gets worse…

The venom has made Ian grumpy, demanding, and dark. Normally, this would be fine, but Rachel Cress is finding his newfound brooding angst to be rather sexy indeed. When he growls and roars, she coos and melts.

Chicks, man.

But it turns out the venom has infected more people than just Ian Dex. It’s surging through supernaturals all over the Vegas Strip.

Translation: someone is building a venomous army.

Ian and his crew have to stop them before the Strip sinks into a hedonistic blood bath. If that happens, all bets are off.

The question is how long Ian can hold out before his mind is consumed…


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