Clash of Flames

The Vegas PPD is loaded with dirty jokes, adult language, and pervy situations. No, it’s NOT erotica (sorry). 😉

Clash of FlamesSomebody has daddy issues…

Four amalgamites are searching for their brother and they’re willing to kill the cops in the Las Vegas PPD to get to him.

There’s only supposed to be one amalgamite in existence, at least that’s what Ian Dex thought. All his life, he’d believed that there were no others like him. He was alone in the world. Now, though? Instant family. And just like most families, this is seriously dysfunctional bunch.

The toughest part of all this is that the crew of the Vegas PPD are under threat. Why the amalgamites are bent on their destruction is still up in the air, but Ian has to do everything he can to protect them.

So, he does the only thing he can think of to ensure their safety.

He sends them to hell.

On the plus side, that means he’ll get to train with those sexy Netherworld dwellers known as the valkyries. Silver lining. Too bad they’re intent on kicking the crap out of him as he prepares for the final showdown.

On the far more negative side, there’s something more to all of this that will shake Ian’s world to the core, and may even set the entirety of Topside and the Netherworld on a spiral of furious destruction…


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