Corrupted Coven

The Shadow PPD contains dirty jokes and adult language.

Being a Dark Witch can be a real pain…

Wren Cooper’s bad day just turned to apocalyptic.

As the only thing keeping the supercharged queen of the Dark Witches from reaching the next stage of epic, she’s become the most wanted woman in New Orleans… again.

Sinking back into Shadow is damn appealing, but she’s the only chance the New Orleans PPD has, and she needs them—and more—as back-up. Though no longer a complete novice, her White Witch training skipped the whole chapter on fighting dirty.

…and willing to get filthy is the only way she’s going to survive what’s coming.

The Dark Witch she’s facing has a number of tricks up her sleeve, including tracking devices, underground labyrinths, and even a damn’ cyclops.

It’s not easy being out of the shadows…

Failure means a trashed New Orleans, a decimated PPD, and Wren kneeling before one seriously sinister psycho.

It’s quite vexing to scrub Vile out of white, too.

Good thing Wren looks good in a red glow…

Shadow Paranormal Police Department

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