Venom Scourge

The Shadow PPD contains dirty jokes and adult language.

It’s only fun until the law finally catches up to you…

As a witch who was born with the ability to slip into shadow, becoming invisible, Wren Cooper has enjoyed a life as a master thief. Her target: wealthy corporate moguls who take advantage of their employees in order to increase their own bottom line. She’s not exactly a modern day Robin Hood, but she does love twisting the screws on pompous pricks.

But when Chief Lambert of the New Orleans Paranormal Police Department finally catches up with her, she finds herself between a rock and a death place.

Just as she’s cuffed, read her rights, and gets set for a long trip into the Netherworld prison system, Lambert decides on a different tactic.

He offers her the option to work for his department, acting as an undercover spy.

To pay her penance without spending years staring through metal slats, Wren must traverse the shadows and report on everything she sees…helping the police capture the very people she once called friends.

Not fun.

She soon discovers a dark force looming over New Orleans, witnessing a gruesome murder with her own eyes. But that murder only scratches the surface of what’s to come, and only she knows why.

With pain and torment imminent, Wren must cast aside her cavalier lifestyle and dive into the fight, putting everything on the line for a group of cops she once considered the enemy.

For Wren Cooper, hiding is no longer an option…

Shadow Paranormal Police Department

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