How I make my crazy stirfry thingy…

Ingredients list:

* Chicken breast, cut into cubes and marinated at least 4 hours in fridge (use garlic, ginger, sweet soy sauce, and sesame oil…don’t ask me amounts, I just eyeball it. hahah)

* Sweet Soy Sauce

* Sesame Oil

* Garlic and Ginger

* Egg Product (Note this brand seems to work great for stirfry, but use whatever or use real eggs…whatevs)

* I used to go through the rice soaking and cooking, but screw that. I use Annie Chun’s premade and cook for 45 seconds on high in the microwave instead of the 1 minute because I cook more in the wok.

* Sesame Seeds

* Peanuts (I partially crush them, but don’t want a powder)

* You’ll notice I don’t do onions or cilantro (aka The Devil Weed) or scallions. Why not? Cause I hate that shit. Add as you see fit.


First up, put in some sesame oil to put a thin coat on the bottom of the wok and get it hot.

* Then pop in the chicken and cook it thoroughly. 

* Once you’re done with that, slap it in a bowl and put in sesame seeds.

* Next up, add a little water to the wok to help deglaze it a bit and then stick in the veggies and add in more garlic and ginger.

* Mix it all up and then set on the lid and let it steam a bit, stirring it around now and then until it’s at a texture you like.

* Then move it to the side, add a bit more sesame oil and pour in the egg.

* Once the eggs are sufficiently cooked and scrambled, stir them in with the veggies and dump the rice on top.

* Now take your spatula and cover the face with sweet soy sauce. Just enough to cover, no more or it’ll be too sweet (unless you’re into that). 

* Stirfry the crap out of it!

* Slap it in the bowl with the chicken and then top with peanuts.

* Stir everything together so the peanuts, chicken, and sesame seeds combine properly.

NOTE: You can always leave the chicken in for the entire veggie cooking and all that, but I find that causes the chicken to get a little rubbery, so I don’t. 🙂

There ya go! Enjoy!

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