The SSMC Reluctanct

Please note this series is not intended for children. It contains adult themes, adult humor, and mild adult language.

An identity change.
A space ship that travels on rails.
A new captain who never saw this coming.

Commodore Don Harr is being punished due to a military mistake. He has been physically altered, given a new identity, and placed in charge of the antiquated ship known as The SSMC Reluctant. Their first task is to fly the old beast around the planet in celebration of her fiftieth anniversary. But during flight, new orders arrive. Harr learns that their true mission is to destroy a nearby Kortnor space station. Worse, it’s a suicide mission…

As Harr works with his crew to figure out alternatives to going down in flames, special agent Kek fights to ensure they all die as planned. But something even stranger is going on, and it’ll take a bit of sleuthing on Harr’s part to figure out precisely what it is…

The SSMC Reluctant is the hilarious first installment in the Platoon F sci-fi series. If you like warped comedy, ridiculous physics, and more innuendo than you can shake a stick at, then you’ll love John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young’s insane story.


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Performed by John P. Logsdon
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