Rivalry of Runes

The Seattle PPD series contains dirty jokes and adult language.

Not everyone has the guts to take on rivaling wizards…

Two powerful wizard clans are on the brink of war. When one of the leaders is assassinated, blame flies in the face of the opposing faction, igniting a flame of accusation that threatens to leave Seattle in ruins.

Savannah Sage and her team work to unmask the real killer and prevent the ravages of magical mayhem, but hundreds of years of rivalry have both clans on edge.

Too bad the assassins aren’t finished.

While Sage investigates, more attacks are launched, pushing the adversaries ever closer to mutual destruction.

But there’s something more that threatens to split the world, and if Sage and her crew can’t shut it down in time, there will be rivers of blood.

Unleashing power this great will do more than merely bend Seattle’s famous Space Needle, it’ll snap the damn thing in half.

No matter the personal cost, Savannah Sage can’t allow that to happen.

Seattle Paranormal Police Department

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