Reviews made easy!

Why reviews are so important to me:

  • Reviews can help me to get advertising that I couldn’t otherwise land. For example, if I try to submit a book to a place such as and I only have 20 reviews, it’ll be tougher to get accepted. Not impossible, but tougher. However, if I have 200 reviews, my chances go up significantly.
  • Over the last few years, I’ve received countless emails from readers who said that they weren’t sure if they were going to give my books a try or not, but after reading the reviews they decided to check them out. Fortunately, those folks are now fans of my work.
  • Other publishing opportunities may arise for me due to reviews. For example, via reviews and advertising, I am now in contract with a UK Audiobook team who are handling getting all of my books in audio format. The ads got them to my book page and the reviews swayed them to try and read a few.

How reviews can be written simply:

  1. Your review does not need to be clever or witty.
  2. Your review does not need to show your name on Amazon. Actually, you can go to your Amazon profile, click on the “profile page settings” and change your name to whatever you want!
  3. Your review does not need to be a book report. Some folks write long reviews, and that’s great, but not everyone needs to do this. Actually, when I’m searching for books (yes, I read as well as write … don’t be so surprised!), I tend to read a couple of lengthy reviews and then a bunch of shorter ones.

Some sample reviews:

I just wrote up a bunch of simple reviews to demonstrate my point. Obviously I’m not going to write up any negative examples. 😉 Note that these are not intended to be cut-n-paste reviews. They’re just to give you some inspiration and examples for how easy it should be to write a simple, completely acceptable review.

“The book was fun and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a laugh.”

“I read this over a weekend and laughed out loud more than once!”

“The characters were hilarious and the story was a light, fun adventure.”

“I enjoyed the writing style and found this fun to read.”

“Bob the Zombie was an enjoyable story from the land of Ononokin. I would recommend this to my friends.”

“Warped Conduit was over-the-top and silly, but I have to admit that I laughed the whole way through.”

“I just finished reading this book and was sorry to see it end. So much fun!”

“Good fun. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next book in the series.”

“I haven’t read this book yet, but I just checked out the author’s page and he’s cute!”

…okay, maybe not that last one. ::cough::

As you can hopefully see, you don’t need to write lengthy reviews to be effective.

I hope that helps. If so, would you please consider leaving a review on the books of mine that you’ve enjoyed? It really does help me out a lot!

Here are some links to my various books in case you want to give it a shot! 😀

Book Links
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The SSMC Voyeur Amazon USAmazon UK
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Synthetic DNA Amazon USAmazon UK
Warped Conduit Amazon USAmazon UK
Kidnap on Fantasy Planet Amazon USAmazon UK
Starliner Amazon USAmazon UK
The Ring of Veiling Amazon USAmazon UK
10-Book Fantasy/SciFi Bundle Amazon USAmazon UK
4-Book Fantasy Bundle Amazon USAmazon UK

Thank you very much for your support. Remember that I’m always working on bringing you new stories to enjoy!