Tales From the Land of Ononokin 4-Book Bundle

  • Overall, an entertaining read with great skills … fantastic voice! Really enjoyed it. -Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.
  • The funniest fantasy I’ve read since Discworld. Blink, and you’re bound to miss a joke or two. -Amazon Reviewer
  • If you fancy stories about a land with Wizards, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Gnomes and all sorts of other supernatural races that will make you laugh then give this book a go. I have personally recommended to members of my family who have loved it too. -Amazon Reviewer
  • If you are a Terry Pratchett fan, if you loved Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen or Time Bandits, if your Saturday nights were empty if you didn’t get a dose of Monty Python, or if anyone ever told you that you have “a British Sense of Humor”… You will love these books! If none of those things apply to you but you like books with a great sense of humor and fun plot lines, these books are for you as well! -Amazon Reviewer
  • What can I say? These books are different than any other I have read in the fantasy/humor style. Saying they are funny doesn’t do it justice! Do yourself a favor and give it a read, you won’t be disappointed! -Amazon Reviewer

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Whizzfiddle the wizard has to find a quest, get it contracted, and finish it to the letter within 30 days or he’ll lose his guild membership status, meaning he’ll have to actually work for a living!

Paulie is a Vampire who went through the daily grind of life until a fateful day when a newly infected Werewolf landed on his doorstep.

Criminals are trying to make erection meds out of Zombie parts. Bob’s not a fan of this, especially since it was his hand that they stole. Worse yet, if they mix things together incorrectly, Bob will die…for real.

Book 4
Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook (Coming soon!)

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Gappy Whirligig is an industrious Gnome who still has a number of years before he has reached the age of tinkering. He’s just suffered a devastating life-changing event that makes him decide to leave Hubintegler in order to become his own Gnome.

Book 5
Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook (Coming Fall 2017)

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Gungren has had it with being merely an apprentice, and the Fates happen to have a few quests that may fit the bill. Now Whizzfiddle has to help young Gungren to get to that next level as they team up to search for a prince who has been kidnapped!

Book 6
Coming Summer 2017

In the second-leg of Gungren’s Fate Quest, he must track down an army major who doesn’t know that all four of his brothers have died in the war. While this is going on, Master Whizzfiddle has to track down Gungren!

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