SEPTEMBER IS ONONOKIN MONTH (this year, anyway)!

A Quest of Undoing The Full Moon Event Bob the Zombie Gappy's Gadgets the_kidnapped_prince

A Quest of Undoing The Full Moon Event Bob the Zombie Gappy's Gadgets the_kidnapped_prince

In preparation for the launch of the upcoming Ononokin book The Kidnapped Prince, I am doing a bunch of stuff in September. This includes free book weekends, $0.99/Ā£0.99 book weekends, and contests!

Schedule for the Free/0.99 weekends

The weekend deals are over… but the review contest is still on!

Signed Books Giveaway Contest

In an effort to increase the number of reviews for each book in the Ononokin series as we approach the launch of The Kidnapped Prince, Iā€™m running a September contest. For every 10 reviews for each book in the series, I will do a drawing from the pool of confirmed reviews. Winners get a signed copy of the reviewed book and a signed copy of The Kidnapped Prince. *Check out the “Questions” section below if you want the particulars.

This is how you enter the September contest:

Step 1: Post a review for the book(s) you’ve read. Just a sentence or two is FINE. You don’t have to write a book report (unless you want to, of course). šŸ˜€

BONUS: If you review the Ononokin bundle below along with above books, your name will be entered into the drawing TWICE!

Step 2: Fill out and submit this form immediately after verifying your review has been posted to Amazon. And, yes, even if you reviewed a year ago, it still counts… just fill in the details so I can verify and enter your name in the drawing! šŸ˜‰ Please submit one entry for each book you’ve reviewed.
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Step 3: Cross your fingers and hope that you win! šŸ˜€


How are winners selected? Let’s take A Quest of Undoing as an example. At the time of my writing this, there is a combined total of 80 reviews on A Quest of Undoing for Amazon US/UK. Every night I will check the count and see if it’s hit +10 since the previous drawing. If so, I will gather up all the emails sent to me showing proof of review, insert the names of those people into the list for A Quest of Undoing, and then will randomly draw one name from that list. I’ll then email that person and post a message on the Ononokin Facebook Group announcing who won, as well. If there are +20 reviews since the previous drawing, I would choose 2 people in that drawing, etc. So the more people who review, the more drawings there will be with your name in it! šŸ™‚

Can a person win from multiple books? Yes. Let’s say you review two of the four, A Quest of Undoing and Bob the Zombie. Your name will be entered in both of those book drawings. If I picked your name in both of those drawings, you’d get signed copies of both A Quest of Undoing and Bob the Zombie, along with one signed copy of The Kidnapped Prince.

Am I eligible if I reviewed prior to this contest? Absolutely, and I thank you for your review! Just follow the form above with all the details and I’ll make sure you are entered into the drawing.

When will the books be shipped? I’ll tally up a final winner count at the end of the month and put in an order for all of the books. It takes roughly 1 week for the books to arrive and then I’ll ship them. I would expect to have the books in my hands by October 15 or earlier. Depending on where you live, it could be a few days to a couple of weeks for your books to arrive.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me or post them in the Ononokin Facebook Group.



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