There’s a new book in the Badlands Paranormal Police Department!

What do you call an unarmed PPD officer in the middle of the Badlands? A victim.

Chief Zeke Phoenix survived his funeral party…barely. Now survival turns into mayhem management as he works to turn his team’s begrudging respect into a force that’ll keep the Badlands in check.

When an unmarked package hits his desk, mayhem turns to chaos. The package’s contents trigger a chain of events, leaving the only true law of the land understaffed, unarmed, and under attack. 

They’re one major assault away from being wiped out. 

But Zeke Phoenix isn’t about to let that happen.

Needing a new batch of weapons—and fast—Zeke leads his crew across the wasteland. Forced to join with assassin hellions, they battle a constant barrage of villainy. If that wasn’t bad enough, Zeke’s little brother is along for the ride.

The question is whether Babysitter Zeke and the Badlands PPD can survive this road trip before they crash and burn.

This is a kickass, action-packed, snarkfest that can only be described as Smokey and the Bandit meets Mad Max.

If you haven’t read book one in this series yet, we’ve got a deal for you! We’ve discounted it to only 0.99 until April 5th at 12AM PDT!

In the Badlands, you keep your enemies close and the monsters closer.

Welcome to the Badlands Paranormal Police Department, where Chief Ezekias ‘Zeke’ Phoenix—a dragon who believes rules are meant to be followed—has accepted his new post. 

His job is simple: keep the fragile peace between dragons, hellions, and the denizens of hell. The rules in Infernal City are even simpler: mind your business, watch your back, shoot first, and don’t bother asking questions.

When a dead hellion crashes into his life, Zeke and the Badlands PPD will break all the rules of the City. To find the killer, he’s going to make some powerful enemies who would prefer to see the new dragon chief of the PPD retired…permanently. 

If Zeke fails, the Badlands will plunge into a civil war. If he succeeds, he places a target on his back. And his enemies rarely miss.

Will Zeke risk setting off the powder keg of Infernal City? Probably. Will he find the killer and bring him to justice before the Badlands becomes a wasteland? You bet your ass he will, or he’ll die trying. 

You don’t grapple with a dragon in his territory…he’ll singe your off your pubes.