About The Intergalactic Investigation Bureau

The IIB is the department that manages all major investigations for the Conglomerated Conglomeration of Planets (CCOP).

The CCOP is a multiple tier company that is, essentially, the be all and end all of jobs throughout the known universe…on a space-level. There are plenty of jobs on the various planets that the CCOP serves and, undoubtedly on other planets not yet served by the CCOP. The saying goes that if you’re not working for the CCOP, you’re probably not working; if you are working for the CCOP you’re probably not working very hard.

The CCOP keep all the worlds connected and the consistently strive to add new worlds to the pool of connectivity. They also handle abductions on up and coming worlds to study and integrate into their community so that the inhabitants evolve in the proper direction to be a fitting component of the CCOP.

Nefarious activity is the norm on the monstrous flotilla, so the IIB has to stay on its toes at all times. And they never know where their jobs may take them. Certainly they spend the majority of their time on the actual CCOP, but sometimes member planets may request their assistance as well.

There are many different worlds and races that are part of the CCOP. Here are a few of the non-Human type (listed in alphabetical order):

Gheptian: Small stature and thin. Average height of a male is about 5’4″ and a female is about 5′. Typically clear thinkers with above average cleverness.

Hyzethian: Thin and somewhat waif-like. Their skin is a very light shade of translucent purple and they usually keep themselves covered most of the time, except during periods of bathing and intimacy. Very intelligent race that finds more enjoyment in subtlety when controlling situations as opposed to brute-force methods. Capable multitasking beyond the measure of anything normal.

Mechanicans: Androids and robots. They come in all shapes and sizes and they have various attitudes and emotional elements. Depending on their purpose, they can be extremely educated or abysmally simple. The do not like being known as androids and robots, though, as they feel it is not politically correct.

Neflirian: Oddly shaped humans best describes them. They have many bumps and skin tags all over the place. Moles, especially the hairy variety, are considered ideal when looking for mates. They are lily white as if they’d been painted and they have various stripes in a variety of gray hues. On intellect, let’s just say that these folks are great at sales and marketing.

Tchumachian: Small, grey types with pick-shaped heads and large black eyes. These are essentially what we see in the abduction pictures of how aliens are supposed to look. They are very clever, but also quite artsy-fartsy. Some think amazingly outside of the box, others are quite dense and will do the same things over and over expecting different results each time.

Uknarian: Very large and muscular. While you would expect them to be quite warlike because of their look and size, they’re actually quite diplomatic…until you piss them off. They’re not well known for their communication skills, but they’re usually pretty smart.


Two robotic deaths and a grouping of terrorist attacks threaten the very existence of the enormous CCOP space station and all of its inhabitants.

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