The Keres Love Torture.
The Keres Love Pain.
I Love Kicking Their Teeth In.

The Goddess of Violent Death has shown up to the party, and she’s doing what she does best: destroying shit.

My team of grave diggers are having to run buckshot in an effort to rein her in. That’s a tall order, especially when the Keres have the backing of the other lesser gods. Her boss, Perses, is doing whatever he can to get me to fight–specifically me–but I have no idea why.

Someone’s taking notes, though.


We either stop her or we watch the fabric of reality shred. That’s the gig I was created for, and I’m damn good at it.

If it were only me dealing with it, I’d be loving life, but now that I have a team to worry about, things are more confused. To be fair, if I didn’t have a team, I’d lose this war so fast that the council gods would have to step in.

Not even Perses wants that.

At least not yet…


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Performed by James Anderson Foster
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