Philotes Is Having An Identity Crisis.
Moros Is Playing Dungeon Master.
I’m Learning What It Means To Be A Pirate.

It was probably the wrong decision to go and see Philotes, but I couldn’t help myself. Too bad it resulted in precisely what Athena had warned me would happen. Namely, it brought Nyx, Erebus, and a number of Philotes’ brothers and sisters over to say, “Hi!”…and not in a good way.

To make things even more interesting, my crew and I got snagged by Moros, and we are being forced to act in his movie. We’re playing the role of pirates because why wouldn’t we?

The best part (and, yes, I’m laying the sarcasm on quite thick here) is that it’s one of those “Save the Princess” quests we’ve been forced to endure.

Who is playing the role of the princess, you ask? Philotes. Who else?


Regardless, we have to do our damndest to be convincing in our collective acting debut or Moros will string everything out. With Philotes being tortured (did I leave out that bit?), we don’t have the luxury of screwing up…more than usual, at least. The longer we take to finish our storyline, satisfying Moros’ need to see his story played out as perfectly as possible, and granting Perses yet even more information about the grave digger squad’s abilities, the longer Philotes suffers.

And they ask me why I drink.


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Performed by James Anderson Foster
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Grave Digger Mythos

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