The God Of Nightmares Is Weaving Dreams.
My Team Is Reliving Their Personal Hells.
I’m Ready To Rip Out Throats.

When Perses brings on Epiales to start twisting the minds of my team, I end up having to face the tortures of REM. Not the band. I’m talking about sleep.

I wasn’t built for sleep.

Worse, the God of Nightmares is systematically twisting my abilities in his dreamworld, forcing me to fight in different ways so he can feed the information back to Perses.

I still don’t know why, exactly.

But I’m getting something out of this experience I’d never expected. I’m learning about the pasts of each team member. That’s good and bad. It’s good because it’s helping me understand how they tick and why they are who they’ve become. It’s bad because I’m discovering just how screwed up each of them truly is!

At this point I’m not sure if I despise Epiales or if I owe him my thanks.

Probably both.

Regardless, I must take him down and free my team from their dreams before he strips away every last remnant of who they are.

Grave Digger Mythos

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