How to add me on Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user, you may not see all of the emails from me. The first ones may show up just fine, but then Gmail may start putting them into a promotions folder. Actually, if you’ve signed up for stuff in the past and have wondered what happened to it all… you may want to check that promotions folder! haha 🙂

Now, I know that it can be tricky figuring this stuff out, so I’ve put together THREE simple steps to show you how to do it.

Step 1: Go to your Gmail page ( and click on the little arrow on the search bar:

Gmail Step 1


Step 2: Put my email address in the “From” field and then click to create a filter.


Step 3: Finally, tick the boxes as shown below and then click to create a filter.

Step 3

That should be all there is to it, but please contact me at if you have any questions.