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PPD First Books Box Set Volume One
PPD First Books Box Set Volume Two

Get the first books of each precinct!

You’ll get the first book of each of precincts in the Paranormal Police Department in two volumes. It’s like a sampler for the PPD world!

Here’s what the reviewers are saying…

I got this when a friend recommended it. I couldn’t put it down! It’s supernatural, funny, hilarious and keeps you hooked.

Lots of action and destruction in every book. Great pacing as well . It even packs a nice bit of comedy into the mix. ( What can you expect when one of the minor characters is a talking male member named The Admiral. ) Throw in a foul mouthed Pixie and we are off to the comedy races.

Irreverent comedy and continuous action..

The Platoon F Comedic SciFi Box Set

Take this opportunity to snag all the current missions from the absurd Platoon F series. It’s fun, it’s crazy, and it’s a barrel of laughs. 

Well, here is what reviewers are saying…

Yep, it’s silly, preposterous, and totally unbelievable. But it’s a barrel of fun.

This one just sneaked up on me … I kept laughing at the ridiculous situations our hero and his crew encountered. This is for readers who like slapstick, parody, stories that center on the eternal philosophical question, “How the heck did I get into this situation? And where’s the door out?”

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