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The #1 question I get from new subscribers is if there are box sets of my various series.

Many of them do have box sets. Here’s what’s available now…

Paranormal Police Department (PPD) Box Sets

Note that you can pretty much read any PPD series you want without having to go in a particular order. Yes, there are times where cameos of some characters happen from other precincts, and yes there are some tie-ins here and there, but we’ve tried to make it so each precinct is a self-contained entity.

That said, if you really want to go from top to bottom, the order of the box sets listed below is the order you’d want to read them. Please note that Las Vegas and Southeast Asia have additional books outside of the box sets listed!

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Las Vegas PPD: Ian Dex Unleashed

This box set contains 7 books and 3 novels, covering the complete Unleashed storyline for Ian Dex and his crew.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Netherworld PPD

This set contains the complete Netherworld PPD series, which is also available on Kindle and Audible. Follow through the fun with Piper & Payne as they navigate the world of supernatural bounty hunting.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Southeast Asia PPD

This is the first box set for the Southeast Asia PPD, which details the start of the adventures of Mark Vedis and Bert the demon.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Seattle PPD

This set contains the complete Seattle PPD series. Savannah Sages exploits are legendary, and with the rewrites done last year, this set is even better than before!

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Shadow PPD

This set contains the complete Shadow PPD series. If you’re in to witchcraft, you’ll have a blast with Wren Cooper and her friends.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

New York PPD

This set contains the complete New York PPD series. Bethany Black’s magical claws really shine in this action-packed, hilarious series.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Badlands PPD

This set contains the complete Badlands PPD series. Once you start digging into how Zeke Phoenix deals with being the chief of the PPD Badlands, it’s a dragon of a time to stop.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

Black Ops PPD: Sinister Vengeance

This set contains the complete Black Ops PPD: Sinister Vengeance series. Darker than other PPD precincts, but still loaded with snark and that trademarked naughty humor.

2021 Vaccine Zombies

This is the complete Vaccine Zombies series.

PPD First Books Box Set Volume One

2021 Vaccine Zombies Complete Box Set

This set contains the complete 2021 Vaccine Zombies series. A hilarious post-apocalyptic milady that brings fun and adventure to a wacky and warped idea. Yes, this one will be making you ask the same thing I asked: Too soon? 😉

Platoon F

This is the complete Platoon F series as of today. We will be doing additional books in this series coming in 2021, though!

The Platoon F Comedic SciFi Box Set

Take this opportunity to snag all the current missions from the absurd Platoon F series. It’s fun, it’s crazy, and it’s a barrel of laughs. 

Well, here is what reviewers are saying…

Yep, it’s silly, preposterous, and totally unbelievable. But it’s a barrel of fun.

This one just sneaked up on me … I kept laughing at the ridiculous situations our hero and his crew encountered. This is for readers who like slapstick, parody, stories that center on the eternal philosophical question, “How the heck did I get into this situation? And where’s the door out?”

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