Fae of Fortune

The Seattle PPD series contains dirty jokes and adult language.

What do you do when the odds are stacked majorly against you? You fight, of course.

Savannah Sage is a half fae/half mage hybrid, which means she has plenty to prove to the prejudiced idiots at the Seattle Paranormal Police Department.

To make matters worse, she gets placed in charge of the department’s rejects.

But it isn’t long before she and her team discover a megalomaniac fae is stealing magic gems to build a super weapon.

Too bad nobody in the Seattle precinct believes Sage. In fact, aside from a few key contacts at the station, the rest of the department seems to be doing their damndest to make sure Savannah’s crew fails horribly. That includes the chief.

Savannah Sage doesn’t care about police politics. Her pledge was to protect the city of Seattle.

And with the help of her team (and her murderous pink teddy bear…it’s complicated), that’s damn well what she plans to do.

Seattle Paranormal Police Department

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