Anyone here still play World of Warcraft?

Janine Corcoran

Member of silks shitheads
What games system do you play it on? Can you play it on an I pad. I only have an I pad and a PlayStation 4. I have been playing neverwinter which is quite good


Home of The Admiral
Staff member
I just couldn't get into it. I play Neverwinter on ps4 at times when I'm not playing Skyrim or Dragon's Dogma 😁🤟
Always liked Elder Scrolls. Was fun. Never tried Skyrim, though. Used to play NWN forever ago when it was text-based! Haha

I don’t have a game console, though. Only play on the Mac or not at all. 🤓

Angie Hill

Cadet 1st Class
One of the reasons I love Skyrim is that R. A. Salvatore wrote alot of it and I LOVE his Drizz't books!! I even get to play alongside the book characters at times 😁

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