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Here is the next book in the Ononokin series…

A persnickety major. A giant mole who wants to play games. A war over a contractual dispute.

Just as Gungren begins to complain about his time running out, he gets called in to do the second leg of his three-part Fate Quest. But when Whizzfiddle complains that the quest is far too dangerous, the two argue. Then, due to a mixup, Gungren thinks his master has commanded that he just go off and handle the mission on his own…

The tiny giant must join the military and find a major by the name of Wilbur Wiggles, an annoying fellow who thinks that war is managed by officers while drinking tea as lowly foot soldiers are moved around on a map. But the army has lost contact with the major and nobody knows where he is. Worse, General Lee Starvin has assigned Private Lostalot to lead Gungren through the field of battle, and it’s soon learned that the private has more than earned the right to keep his surname…

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