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Here is the next book in the Ononokin series…

A depressed zombie. An unemployed dwarf. A thief looking to clear her name.

Bob is a zombie who struggles daily to avoid broken bones, smelling offensive, and to keep his flesh intact. He’s also depressed, though he’s been seeking treatment for that. But when a band of thieves steal his hand so they can make a batch of Elfagra (for men who need a little lift), Bob has to either give up or go after them….

Now he must work with his only friend, a cosplay-loving dwarf named Perkder, to chase after the thieves. The problem is that they have to get into the Upperworld to do it, and they don’t have proper authorization. This means they need to play dress-up in order to fool portal security. Bob ends up looking like a pimp and Perkder thinks to play the role of Bob’s daughter. Unfortunately, Perkder’s beard and mustache make that more than a bit far-fetched. But they have to do their best to stop the thieves, who are planning to drop Bob’s hand into one of three lava pits. If they get the wrong one, it’ll cause a cosmic rift that will destroy Bob instantly…

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