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A new master. A tug on the heartstrings. A mission to destroy a planet.

After breaking away from the Segnal Space Marine Corps, the crew of The SSMC Reluctant is searching for what to do next. Unfortunately, a race of beings who call themselves “The Overseers” already have plans for them. It’s one of those deals they can’t refuse. Worse, Captain Don Harr quickly learns that his new masters truly want everyone who isn’t an Overseer to die. It means no competition…

Fortunately, there is a new political movement that is requesting that entire planets not be destroyed anymore. They crew has to travel to a planet that is making technological headway on a warp drive and destroy the device before it’s too late. If they fail, the planet will be annihilated and every member of Platoon F will be summarily executed. To make things even more trying, Harr believes he’s finally found the love of his life. Worse, she’s the lead scientist on the warp drive project…

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