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Here is the next book in the Ononokin series…

A tiny giant. A depressed dragon. A mob boss who’s trying to rig the game.

The Ultimate Dragon Fighting Championship (UDFC) only occurs once every ten years. This is the 100th running. That means lights, cameras, and coverage like never before. Plus, the reigning champion, a dragon known as Crazell, can hit a milestone of twenty-five consecutive title defenses if she can pull in another win. But when it’s learned that the Fates have decided to make Gungren join the event as the final leg of his three-part Fate Quest, the proverbial poop hits the fan…

Gungren must travel across the Upperworld, go through training with old friends, and battle professional killers in the ring. But he has to work the system if he has any hope of surviving. Worse, unless he wants to turn back into a big dumb giant and lose his dream of becoming a full wizard once and for all, he’ll have to pull out all the stops in an attempt to win…

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