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Here’s the next book in the Las Vegas PPD series…

Dusty beasts. An angry pixie. A relationship on the edge.

Las Vegas paranormal police chief and horndog Ian Dex struggles with his feelings toward Rachel Cress as the Vegas Strip gets thrown into a maelstrom of beasts who are bent on destruction. But soon they find themselves in the limelight because tourists think it’s one of the best and most realistic shows they’ve ever seen. It gets even worse when they find out that some of the creatures being created are made from normals‚Ķ

To stop the uber pixie from taking over the town with his dusty creations, Ian’s crew must find a way to track the guy and bring him to his knees. Failure means the Vegas Strip will fall under the rule of a flippin’ pixie, and that’d just be embarrassing‚Ķ

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