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The next Las Vegas PPD book is coming soon! While you wait, check out the first book in the Netherworld PPD…

A vicious attack. Topside cops. A self-destruct sequence activated.

When Keller decides to bring the battle directly to the main Netherworld Paranormal Police Department headquarters, it’ll take everything the PPD has to stand their ground.

But sometimes numbers just aren’t enough…

The team has to escape the building and find a way to take it back again. But that’s easier said than done. To make it even more fun, Keller offers up big money to anyone who caps a PPD officer. That means the cops are being attacked on more than one front.

On top of that, it seems that Reaper’s beloved turtle has ended up in a bit of a pickle, which is only slightly better than becoming the main ingredient in a bowl of soup…

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