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Check out the next book in the Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department Series…

More amalgamites. Reintegration woes. A family quarrel.

When a set of four amalgamites try to take out the Las Vegas Paranormal Police team, Chief Ian Dex has to find a way to save them all. But he quickly learns that the only way to protect his crew is to trick them into staying away…

To stop the megalomaniac behind everything, Ian will have his mind rewired, undergo training at the hands of his fellow officers, and get his ass kicked repeatedly by the hot babes living on the 7th level of hell. Worse, he’ll have to deal with his daddy issues…

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The Bones Coffee Company

You may have noticed that Ian and Rachel drink coffee from the Bones Coffee Company. This is a real place! I contacted them after seeing one of their ads because I just knew that Ian would drink their Bourbon Barrel Blend! haha 😀

Anyway, I was able to get the nice folks over there to provide a discount code for Ian Dex fans.

I thought it’d be cool if any of you coffee drinkers out there wanted to try out their stuff and get a 20% discount while doing it!

Note that I do not receive any compensation when you use this code. This is just a nifty perk for you because I love my readers!

You’ll see the discount applied at checkout…

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