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Here is the next book in the Ononokin series…

An industrious gnome. A human-raised orc. A halfling mafia boss looking to sell protection.

Gappy Whirligig is an industrious gnome who has yet to reach the Age of Tinkering. He’s 42. All he wants to do is build a flying contraption. Unfortunately, building such a device requires a fuel source that may make him explode, and the gnome town of Hubintegler has strict rules against inhabitants blowing themselves up prior to the age of 50. But when Gappy finds himself suddenly alone in the world, he decides to leave Hubintegler’s rules and regulations behind as he seeks to make his mark in the seedy city of Planoontik…

Now he must find a place to set up shop, manage governmental bureaucracy, use the Rent-A-Friend service, and wrestle with the local halfling mafia (known as the Halfia) as they incessantly try to destroy his business. On top of that, Gappy ends up hiring an oversized orc who has a fierce appetite for pizza, and that ain’t cheap. Even worse, Gappy has fallen for a beautiful—but ruthless—owner of a competing engineering firm, and she has a strong reputation for crushing her competitors…

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