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Here’s the book in the Netherworld PPD series…

Ambushed Retrievers. A haunted past. A damn wolf who thinks he's descended from Thor.

Officers Piper Shaw and Reaper Payne are at it again. This time in San Fransisco. When Lucien Bane turns from a mild-mannered wolf into a near-uber who is bent on dominating the city, Piper and Payne will have to risk it all to stop him. But Bane isn’t one to give up easily, and he’s convinced a number of wolves to follow him by claiming he’s descended from a god…

The team has to fight through Fisherman’s Wharf, deal with hotel clerks, hit on Bane’s crew down at the local bar, and finally take the fight to Alcatraz. But when push comes to shove, Piper has to admit she needs the one thing she hates to need: backup.

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