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The next Las Vegas PPD book is coming soon! While you wait, check out the first book in the Netherworld PPD…

Netherworld riots. A wizard stoner. Retrievers who are out of their jurisdiction.

When Temperance, the leader of the fae, teams up with an evil mage, Officers Piper Shaw and Reaper Payne have to put it all on the line to stop them. But Temperance has tasted true power, and she’s hell bent on dominating the entirety of the Netherworld…

The team has to break into Faeland, sneak through pristine forests, suffer at the hands of a psychopathic torturer, and fight to protect the PPD precinct. But first they’ll need to break out their trainees, Officers Brazen and Kix, who have been kidnapped and taken to a dimensional cube. Worse, they’ve had to solicit the aid of a wizard who has a serious case of the munchies…

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