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A probe returns. There’s a request for a shipment of space bars. An admiral wants blood.

Rear Admiral Parfait is on holiday when an archaic space probe returns to Segnal Prime. It has a message for the people of the planet, which seems innocuous enough, but Rear Admiral Conster sees it as an act of war. That means Captain Don Harr is in charge of fighting that war…

Platoon F is put on a long trek to attack the planet that returned the probe. But it’s many lifetimes away and Harr doesn’t exactly want to die on the ship during flight. Chief Engineer Geezer has been working on an instantaneous device that promises to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the robot doesn’t quite know how it works, and that means The SSMC Reluctant is going to visit a hell of a lot more than the planet she’s supposed to attack…

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