GET YOUR OWN CHARACTER IN BOOK #7 – The Ultimate Dragon Fighting Championship

The contest has ended!

NOTE: We ended up needing one additional character for the book, so we now have THREE winners! The first winner selected was John Fitzpatrick. He was given the option to be either a wizard judge or the color commentator at the event, and he selected to be the color commentator. 

And the winners are…

John Fitzpatrick – Color commentator

Sharon Robb – Wizard Judge

Stuart Mayo – Wizard Judge

Remember that all the rest of you who participated will still be placed on the UDFC Wall in the book!

Those names (listed in order of contest entry) are…

Neil Webber
Jan Gray
Rob Rawlings
Lynette Collins
Ian Halsey
Debbie Tily
Dennis Browning-Saunders
Bonnie Dale Keck
Jamie Smith
Lizzie Fletcher
Mandi Ayris
Kathy Beaver
Kate Smith
Beth Adams
Natalie Fallon
Mark Beech
Mark Brown
George Hart
Cassandra Hall
Kathleen Porting
Rachel Pegrum
John Derek
Noah Sturdevant
Caroline Watson
Tracie Burr
Steve Palfrey
Carolyne Fielding

Each person gets a single paragraph that talks about how you died in the particular tournament.
Think of it like a brief epitaph.

Everyone on this secondary list please email me at with the following:

* The race of your character (Options: elf, dark elf, halfling, dark halfling, human, gnome, troll, orc, ogre, vampire, werewolf, giant, dwarf, or dark dwarf. You can’t be a zombie, gorgan, or a dragon). Please note that you cannot be a wizard or cast magic in the ring. These are combat events, not magical ones.

* The race of the creature who bested you in the UDFC ring (options: elf, dark elf, halfling, dark halfling, human, gnome, troll, orc, ogre, vampire, werewolf, giant, dwarf, dark dwarf, dragon. It can’t be a zombie, or a gorgan).

* If you have a particular request as to how you died, please send that along. Alternately, I can make it up.

* Is there a nickname I should use or do you just want your normal name? Or should I make one up?

* DO you want to have the excerpt sent to you before the book launch or do you want to be surprised? (book release ETA is December 2017)

Thank you to everyone who participated! I really appreciate it!

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